Saturday, March 31, 2012

Not a dream

This is not a dream.  I am not waking up soon.  This is my new reality.  I am the mother of 4.  The mother of two beautiful and full of life living children.  The mother of two tiny babies that never got to breath their first breaht of air.  Two tiny babies that I never got to hold.  Two tiny babies that will never know their brother and sister.  Two tiny babies, one of which I have never seen, one that I have seen both alive and well and weeks later still and unmoving with no heart beat.

We have decided to name our babies.  It kills me to think of them with no name, nothing for me to call them besides the babies.  In my heart I felt our first baby was a girl and the second was  boy, so we will find them fitting names.  Names meant for angels.

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