Monday, April 2, 2012


I am trying to come up with a memorial to honor our babies.  I always had a regret in the back of my mind that we never did anything when we lost our first baby.  Now I will not let it go this time.  We are trying to come up with names for our babies, I just can't stomach the thought of my poor beautiful babies with no names.  All along I have felt in my heart that our first baby was a girl and the second was a boy, so those are the names they will get.

But how do you find the perfect name?  How do you come up with something so perfect that more than likely no one but us will ever use them?  I want to hear someone say my babies' names.  I want and need to be validated that my babies are real, they were here, even for a short time, they were here!
Even though we only had weeks, those weeks were filled with more joy than I can describe.  We were happy, life was good.  How do I capture that in a name?  A memorial?  Nothing seems good enough for my babies.

My babies are so perfect and always will be, how do I honor that?

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